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Does your A/C blow hot air when you place the dial on cold? Get your A/C repaired from Precision Auto Repair.

You may notice that sometimes your air conditioner isn’t keeping you cool. It can make some loud noises, and worse. These are a few signs that your car air conditioner repair needs to be checked. Precision Auto Repair have certified technicians that tests and diagnoses your car with air conditioner service for any unusual occurrences. These technicians can also perform the air conditioner repair your car may need, saving you time and effort.

Air conditioner gets its operating power from the engine. It will affect the fuel economy and lessen it by about 25% for some vehicle types. This is why it is always safe to have your car air conditioner checked as soon as you notice anything unusual. The problem may be solved with an air conditioning recharge or it can be much simpler or worse, but it is always safe to turn to the experts.

Our auto maintenance team is made up of qualified technicians who are trained to know every part of your car to make it as safe and enjoyable to drive. Visit Precision Auto Repair for vehicle maintenance services in Albertville, Otsego, St. Michael, and Buffalo MN area with auto maintenance shop and get a tune up, break repair, tires, engine repairs and much more auto repair service for an affordable price.

Did you know?

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency regulates the type of refrigerant you can use in your air conditioner. Your Albertville service technicians are current on EPA rules for properly removing and disposing of used refrigerant, protecting the environment while keeping you cool. At Precision Auto Repair in Albertville we install quality NAPA replacement parts. At Precision Auto Repair in Albertville we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call at 763-497-1677 and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road.


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